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Grilled Sardines

Lucky me.  I just returned from a wonderful trip to Portugal.  The food was spectacular and one item that was on just about every menu, and one that we consumed on many occasions, was fresh, grilled sardines.

One of the world’s healthiest foods, sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are known to promote cardiovascular health.  And, unlike many other forms of seafood, they are extremely low in mercury.

Although best enjoyed fresh off the grill with a cold beer (preferably on a beach in Portugal), you can also enjoy this healthy treat in your own backyard.

Here’s how…



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Lemon Ginger Drop Cookies

Cathy loves ginger and Cathy loves lemon.  So, over the years, I have made ginger cookies as well as lemon cookies for her. This year, I decided to combine the two flavors and send them to her on her birthday.  She says these are now her favorite cookies.

I had lemons as well as crystallized ginger but no molasses, a common ingredient in the chewier ginger snap. I perused the cookbook collection for a recipe that was molasses-free and came across this one in an old Martha Stewart cookbook.

The lemon zest ensures a real lemony flavor and the crystallized ginger adds the necessary chew to this otherwise crisp and delicate cookie.  Bet you can’t eat just one. Here is the recipe…

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