Hello, my name is Larry and I love to create in the kitchen and share the results.  I read and collect recipes from a variety of sources – cookbooks, magazines, friends, the internet – and end up trying a fraction of them.   I want to change that, however, so I have decided to start writing about my pursuits here.

I first learned to cook and bake from following my mother around, in and out of the kitchen.  A working mom, she did her best to get dinner on the table each night and that often meant take-out.  I  joke that we had KFC six nights a week and that on Sunday she made her own fried chicken.  OK, she never made her own fried chicken.  It was Shake ‘n Bake.  As a result, I have not eaten a piece of fried chicken in many years.  Weekends were spent in the kitchen, a tradition that I carry on to this day.

I hope you enjoy my website and I welcome your feedback and comments.