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Pork Chile Verde

I gave my sister a subscription to Bon Appétit for Christmas this past year.  We have decided to each make one thing per month from the magazine and then discuss.  Here’s my pick from February.

Truth be told, they had me at verde.  There is something about a green sauce that just sends me into food heaven.  This dish has several of my favorite green ingredients – green chile, cilantro and tomatillos.

Mild green chiles, mix with the tart tomatillos to create a delicious base for pork to smother and cook in for hours.  A perfect winter Sunday afternoon creation but I could and will enjoy it all year long.

I also finally bought Mexican oregano for this recipe, after using only Mediterranean oregano for years.  The Mexican version does indeed have a smoky flavor that the Mediterranean does not and it is a welcome addition. Here is the recipe…


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I love fennel but am never quite sure what to do with the leftover fronds. When I discovered this recipe for Porchetta that actually calls for the fronds and not the bulb, I filed it away in my mental cookbook for the next time I needed fennel for something.

Then, at the Union Square Farmer’s Market, I found something I have never seen before–baby fennel. Heavy on frond and lite on bulb, I picked up a bunch and set out to make Porchetta.

Once the weather cools, there is something about nice, long, slow cooked dishes. They may require a bit of work on the front end but the payoff is almost always worth the effort. This recipe is from Italian Slow and Savory by Joyce Goldstein and is the epitome of a wonderfully slow roasted dish.

Porchetta is street food from central Italy, usually sold from a cart, sliced to order and served in sandwich form. It often involves using a whole pig, which I could never do.

This version is seasoned in the same classic manner used for a whole roast pig. The pork loin is generously rubbed with a savory garlic and herb paste, tied, and then allowed to roast in the oven for  about three and a half hours.  Talk about being worth the effort–the end result is unlike any other roasted pork, deeply flavorful, delicious hot or cold and a wonderful kick-off to fall and the chilly weather ahead.
Here is the recipe…


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