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Pork Chile Verde

I gave my sister a subscription to Bon Appétit for Christmas this past year.  We have decided to each make one thing per month from the magazine and then discuss.  Here’s my pick from February.

Truth be told, they had me at verde.  There is something about a green sauce that just sends me into food heaven.  This dish has several of my favorite green ingredients – green chile, cilantro and tomatillos.

Mild green chiles, mix with the tart tomatillos to create a delicious base for pork to smother and cook in for hours.  A perfect winter Sunday afternoon creation but I could and will enjoy it all year long.

I also finally bought Mexican oregano for this recipe, after using only Mediterranean oregano for years.  The Mexican version does indeed have a smoky flavor that the Mediterranean does not and it is a welcome addition. Here is the recipe…


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Salsa – Two Kinds!

We are fortunate to work very close to the Greenmarket in Union Square.  Our favorite Friday ritual, especially in the summer and especially during the month of July’s abundance, is to go to the market on the way in to work and load up with whatever is fresh and available.  We are then set for a weekend of cooking and experimentation.

Tomatoes are finally here and, more importantly, locally grown, ripe, and delicious.  This past week, one of our favorite vendors also had tomatillos, and plenty of them.  So, I decided to make salsa and if there’s anything better than one kind of salsa, it’s two kinds.  As the weeks of summer drag on, the tomatoes become more plentiful and the prices begin to drop.  That means I can buy more tomatoes and make more salsa.  The tomato abundance almost makes up for the fact that July has been the hottest month on record in NYC in what seems like forever.

Although I make tomatillo sauce on a somewhat regular basis, I decided to reference Diana Kennedy for the Salsa Verde and have included her recipe.  The Salsa Mexicana I have been making forever and have included a recipe that originated somewhere, I suppose, that I have tweaked over the years.

Both are delicious with corn tortilla chips (my favorite way to enjoy them) and make a nice condiment for roasted or grilled meat, chicken or fish.  I hope you like these as much as we do! Here is the recipe…

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